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Today we are discussing deductibles and when it makes sense for you to raise yours in order to save money on your insurance premium.  Let’s use an example where you have a $1,000 deductible and you want to consider whether moving to a $2,500 makes sense. READ MORE >>

One of the many questions we get asked by our commercial clients is, “Why do I get audited every single year by our insurance company?”  An audit is simply the opportunity the insurance company takes to look back at the previous policy term in order to determine what happened in your business. READ MORE >>

If you are a large manufacturer and you are looking for ways to cut your insurance premium dollars, there are two options that we like to use with our clients.  First, if you have heavy production equipment in your factory that is bolted to your floor, we like to move that equipment over to the building rate instead of the contents rate. READ MORE >>

I have a question for business owners.  If your business sustained a catastrophic loss due to a fire or wind event, would you be able to stay in business if you were closed for six months or more?  Think about the payroll that you would have to pay in order to keep all of your good employees. READ MORE >>

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