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Venture Products: More than a Business – It’s a Family

Venture Products Inc. is a model family business. The story of Venture Products, Inc. demonstrates the Steiner family's desire to build a company based on the values set in place by their father, Marvin Steiner. The Steiner family has always been about making life simpler through practical engineering, design ingenuity, and good old-fashioned common sense. The early values passed on by Marvin continue to be a driving force today that pushes the company to design and manufacture the highest quality equipment available while meeting the needs of an ever-changing world. 

While growing up, the Steiner sons watched as their father built farm equipment that was unique in its purpose and also helped make farming easier.  Over the next two decades, Marvin continued to build everything from self-unloading grain wagons to large agriculture tractors. His intense curiosity and mechanical inclination was infectious to his seven sons who shared in their father's enthusiasm for creating new solutions to everyday problems. 

In the 1970s, the Steiner brothers began working on a project of their own that would soon bring about the advent of their signature product of today.  By 1974 they had made an all-wheel drive, compact utility tractor with center articulation for improved maneuverability. In all, seven of these were produced and as friends and neighbors clamored for one, the brothers decided to go into business and the Steiner Corporation was born. Through the next fourteen years their company grew into three major divisions; Turf Equipment, Agriculture Equipment and a community repair shop. In 1988, the Turf division was sold to Ransomes of Ipswich, England and the agriculture line was sold to a group of employees that continued to build the agriculture products. 

In 1996, "Steiner Ag Products" was renamed "Venture Products, Inc." to fit with the company's new focus of providing equipment for the physically impaired. The brand name VENTRAC was launched and in 1998 the Steiner brothers re-focused their energies on the new, next- generation, all-wheel-drive compact tractor. Today there are two models in production, both equally power-packed and capable with over 30 attachments that can be mounted in minutes.  Venture Products now serves a wide range of markets including golf, estate owners, municipalities, tree farms, snow removal contractors, landscapers and much more. 

Headquartered in Orrville, Ohio, Venture Products, Inc. maintains a commitment to local community while expanding sales of Ventrac products internationally. The family tradition is reflective of the company's vision statement: Venture Products, Inc., is committed to providing a unique, superior quality product while maintaining the highest standard of business ethics. We will be a positive influence to the global community, growing at a balanced rate while remaining an independent company.

Instilled into the ownership of Venture Products, Inc., by Marvin Steiner, The Heritage Principle continues to guide Venture Products today. His wisdom has provided a solid foundation for the company's direction and goals. The Heritage Principle states:




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